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Look no further... We work with you to produce the highest quality video for any application whether it be a program to raise awareness for a cause, educate the public or a community, serve as a teaching aid, supplement a book or text, or a "video manual" for a product or demonstrative technique.

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The Dvee team can bring your video concept to life via creative script writing, skilled set and camera crews, editing with visual impact, and integrating stunning 2D and 3D graphic design. Dvee delivers a final product for ANY viewing medium at the most affordable budget ANYWHERE.

Hot Dog Safari

Charity Event Documentary which benefits children with Cystic Fibrosis and the Joey Fund. The video features prominent broadcast personalities, regional politicians, and the President of the United States. In addition to video edit/content and graphic animation, Dvee Media was also responsible for shooting and capturing the feel of the event as well as producing and performing the video's theme song "Mattisyn".

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"Another New Door..."

Bird Street Community Center in Dorchester, MA has been at capacity since 1998. Dvee was asked to produce a video for the $6.9 Million dollar Capital Campaign to build a brand new, state-of-the-art community center for the Uphams/Dudley neighborhood. The video was shot on location at the current center on Bird Street and Columbia Road and delivered on a promotional DVD.

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Ki Energy

This project took an eductional technique video, which was originally done in Japanese, and adapted it for an English speaking audience. Dvee recorded 2 voice overs in the recording studio, and video taped (and edited) a quick opening statement on miniDV. The following is a short excerpt from the full length program.

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Roomba Sales Training

iRobot needed a Training Video for retail floor sales people to demonstrate the Roomba Robotic Floor Vac. Dvee Media put together two shoot days to adequitly demonstrate all THREE Roomba Products. In addition to the Training video, the footage was edited for a Video Kiosk Loop which currently can be viewed at Roomba retailers like Sharper Image, BestBuy, and BJ's nationwide.

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View the Roomba video loop
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"What's It Like"

Created with Mark Provost of Media Right, Inc., "What's It Like" takes us inside the 50+ years of the North Shore A.R.C. as it chronicals 2 heart warming case studies. The video is used as an awareness and inspirational Fundraising Piece that demonstrates how important the services of the organization really are to people and their lives.

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"Where They Belong"

Created with Nick Kaufman Productions as a fund raising video for a local organization JF&CS, which helps people with various disabilites fit in and have a regular life in our society. The video was made for a Boston Pops performance at Symphony Hall. The video follows the story of one of the CHAI program's participants.

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